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Art and Fear in Death Valley

At almost 3.5 million acres, Death Valley is the largest national park in the lower 48 states and is famous for being the hottest place on earth (134 degrees), the driest in North America (less than 2 inches annual precipitation) and having the lowest elevation (282 feet below sea level). In February 2014, I was fortunate to photograph incredibly clear night skies, rainbows, sand dunes, beautiful minerals, fossils, formations on deep canyon walls, and petroglyphs left by the ancient ones who passed through the valley. As you will see, Death Valley possesses a stark beauty and is quite alive.

These photos were taken while I visited the park as part of photography tours led by Guy Tal, Michael Gordon, and David Kingham. I have been photographing for decades, and they are three of the finest individuals and most skilled photographers and instructors I have had the pleasure to meet. Please see the links at the end of the show for more information about these great men, their art and passion for the natural world.

Note: Turn up the volume as this video has an audio track. It also plays in standard and the much sharper high definition (HD) video formats. If you have good bandwidth, click the 'HD' icon on the lower right of the frame. It will turn blue when HD is active. To play in full screen mode, click the four arrows icon to the right of the 'HD' icon. During playback, if the video stutters, turn off HD and minimize the window by clicking the four arrows.

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