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Canyon Storm

This image was captured in the 4 Corners area using the Lightning Trigger device. The trigger is similar to a TV remote as it detects the infra-red heat of the lightning bolt and activates the camera shutter. This device makes it easier and safer to capture lightning strikes; however, capturing a well composed image still requires a lot of work from the photographer.

Monsoon thunderstorm cells in this area tend to be more isolated and in part, due to the terrain, more visible than storms that occur on the plains, the mid-west and eastern U.S. The image was taken near sunset in soft diffuse light as a single thunderstorm cell moved across the mouth of this colorful canyon. I saw a strike and quickly setup the device. I was only able to capture two strikes during the storm, and this was the best of the two.

I have been asked if the lightning was added to this image using Photoshop. The simple answer is no. Beyond spot removal and color adjustments, I do not add or remove significant elements to my images.

Available as 20"x30" metal print $400